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insta_ctf reissen | public | 22 players | 2020-04-29T20:40:40.987Z

2JAZZOCC34201.7025% Germany
1vastrdoz32201.6049% Australia
1murdog29231.26034% Australia
0Corallini(&)11270.41115% Russian Federation
0(&)Gemelli991018% Italy
0|LaTn|Edux881021% Japan
0VoiceOfTruth741.75140% Russian Federation
0MandoLoco4210.19110% Russian Federation
0Gintonic250.4022% Italy

2Kopatel31201.55129% Russian Federation
1zyx28300.93033% Sweden
1?23221.05117% New Zealand
1IndyRef222221025% Italy
0pimp31221.41046% Germany
0[~]Alt+12617131.31033% Italy
0NarcS_aRe_CrazY11330.33016% United States
0JoeRizzla7210.33014% Slovenia
0ThyArtisMurder6210.29121% Germany
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