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insta_ctf desecration | public | 17 players | 2020-04-29T12:05:57.507Z

2hurt_fillings34211.62044% Germany
0murdog28112.55028% Australia
00_028221.27035% United States
0Inception.18101.8029% France
0(&)Tagliatelle14180.78023% France
0csabakill7150.47020% Hungary
0JoeRizzla590.56017% Slovenia
0(&)Risi111050% United States

1pimp36231.57241% Germany
1apf890.89028% Australia
0[RUSS]julia33231.43045% Russian Federation
0(&)Garganelli28231.22028% Italy
0lee-wales-uk14200.7126% Italy
0Raoulatorrr14250.56035% France
0MrAckee6210.29016% Italy
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