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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 24 players | 2020-04-28T20:01:32.118Z

3pimp45321.41042% Germany
3tox15290.52217% Russian Federation
2CaravanOfLove24280.86029% Germany
10_021181.17128% United States
1ThyArtisMurder16270.59023% Germany
0CoronaZombie68282.43048% Germany
0VoiceOfTruth40291.38041% Russian Federation
0murdog22250.88126% Australia
0(&)Garganelli17210.81030% Italy
0JoeRizzla8180.44124% Slovenia
0PeasePudding431.33036% Italy

1break36132.77133% Russian Federation
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS55341.62056% Serbia
0unbal44301.47043% Romania
0El38|Spectrum28241.17130% Russian Federation
0coin24300.8132% Sweden
0maxsuper24360.67125% Russian Federation
0ROH2F18210.86132% France
0Zack11260.4228% Germany
0UkrainaForever10250.4122% Ukraine
0-NC-Andreas9130.69127% Greece
0apf8180.44025% Australia
ggsonly Australia
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