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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 23 players | 2020-04-28T19:30:00.641Z

3coin26300.87026% Sweden
2murdog33221.5233% Australia
2Janitor22221224% Germany
1break41202.05135% Russian Federation
1ThyArtisMurder23280.82031% Germany
1CoronaZombie19131.46046% Germany
1ICC|cubelibre18131.38033% Italy
0AtanasdIMOV24231.04128% Bulgaria
0Grandma422019% Germany
0UkrainaForever270.29025% Ukraine

1no56124.67046% Australia
1maxsuper32301.07029% Russian Federation
1(&)Tagliatelle29271.07030% France
0(&)Garganelli26360.72027% Italy
0apf13270.48022% Australia
0GAV212330.36128% Russian Federation
0JoeRizzla8200.4027% Slovenia
0Kluster7300.23012% Germany
00_0230.67028% United States
0Ravioli1100.118% Italy
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