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insta_ctf sacrifice | public | 22 players | 2020-04-28T19:19:31.121Z

2murdog2263.67034% Australia
1ghoul8160.5023% Italy
1apf7130.54119% Australia
0(&)Garganelli29142.07031% Italy
0break1291.33033% Russian Federation
0AtanasdIMOV12121023% Bulgaria
0ThyArtisMurder150.2010% Germany
0lumpi1100.1115% Germany
0PeasePudding01000% Italy

1maxsuper11180.61015% Russian Federation
1Janitor7130.54114% Germany
1ice3oy-221-0.105% Germany
0(&)Tagliatelle15101.5037% France
0GAV212170.71033% Russian Federation
0(CoV)J4N723.5028% Slovenia
0coin522.5045% Sweden
0deeph00n3150.2017% Germany
0Kluster00000% Germany
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