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insta_ctf capture_night | public | 13 players | 2020-04-25T04:38:25.461Z

6|LaTn|Edux29271.07019% Japan
3342281.5144% Australia
2joséfine18320.56218% France
1Millycat560.83021% United States
0RocketSauce12300.4119% Australia
0rbroccolili10140.71017% Italy

2[tBMC]phobo39221.77025% Australia
2Hoffman32221.45135% Australia
2HuYa16170.94214% China
1[tBMC]tnyELVIS!31291.07037% Australia
1dwitm15260.58022% Australia
0!s]Obstriegel01000% Germany
Shag Thailand
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