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~ Rigatoni Rugby ~ | Germany

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insta_ctf tortuga | public | 16 players | 2020-04-09T12:45:48.696Z

6w00p|Pistachier2292.44034% France
1JoeRizzla19200.95036% Slovenia
0Bronto460.67050% Italy
0CMB4140.29019% France
0smd350.6037% Norway
0WOW3160.1918% Russian Federation
0Freekill00000% Germany

2Mr.K11101.1026% Finland
1Chad-1924122055% Bulgaria
1Grandma24151.6021% Germany
0schnitzel17101.7134% Germany
0Bossanova4120.33018% Italy
0sync'Europa02000% Australia
0apf02000% Australia
xGreeNx Unknown
Kaiser Germany
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