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insta_ctf abbey | public | 19 players | 2020-04-06T01:46:19.348Z

3(GoT)vis*RS*hpp63242.63057% Serbia
3|LaTn|Edux22310.71025% Japan
2Larry_Kpija19260.73118% Russian Federation
1[FR]Green>F-O-X14230.61126% France
0PinkSkies23201.15139% Australia
0caveman20240.83128% Australia
0BlueSkies942.25047% United States
0Gobaconpower8190.42022% Australia
0Hikaru.hpp230.67022% Japan

3[BOOF]BOOPHRONA19310.61022% Australia
2splat29291025% United States
1Asylum46172.71144% France
1!Elsa24350.6904% Australia
0vastrdoz20310.65130% Australia
0Decabrista15111.36047% Italy
0Leviathan771028% Australia
0stinkweed470.57220% Australia
dp26 Germany
inTeam Sweden
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