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insta_ctf authentic | public | 18 players | 2020-04-06T01:35:51.006Z

1[FR]Green>F-O-X12280.43020% France
1Blotto11105% Australia
0(GoT)vis*RS*hpp60272.22046% Serbia
0Chrunchstick14320.44034% United States
0Gobaconpower10270.37014% Australia
0caveman670.86133% Australia
0Larry_Kpija570.71020% Russian Federation

1Decabrista31112.82157% Italy
1dikan31221.41034% Turkey
1|LaTn|Edux22350.63019% Japan
1[BOOF]BOOPHRONA18220.82027% Australia
0splat33231.43128% United States
0!Elsa33331114% Australia
0vastrdoz11220.5125% Australia
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