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insta_ctf capture_night | public | 17 players | 2020-04-06T01:25:24.704Z

4(GoT)vis*RS*hpp3384.13048% Serbia
4dp2614121.17028% Germany
3dikan14101.4042% Turkey
3Chrunchstick670.86117% United States
2!Elsa17121.42132% Australia
2[BOOF]BOOPHRONA340.75033% Australia
0Decabrista212050% Italy
0Gobaconpower1150.0705% Australia

2|LaTn|Edux18190.95036% Japan
2Radekman12140.86033% United States
0splat12121030% United States
0Jake8160.5025% Australia
0[FR]Green>F-O-X4140.2909% France
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