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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 23 players | 2020-04-05T23:37:11.892Z

2Grandma29271.07018% Germany
2BRA-asdf7240.29220% Russian Federation
0Asylum48261.85241% France
0phoenixwright44321.38043% Germany
0kiku20270.74228% Germany
0Black_Les_Rata17230.74032% France
0Jetgeniz15290.52027% Germany
0Metalliko11270.41014% Russian Federation
0RAZZ6340.18113% Germany
0MaxedOut230.67022% Australia
0!s]Zob140.25014% Australia

1CAT_DACHIBAY25360.69128% United Kingdom
1Snape13180.72016% Russian Federation
0(GoT)vis*RS*hpp85204.25057% Serbia
0Waterpoof53153.53049% Germany
0IndyRef217131.31122% Italy
0Chrunchstick15310.48033% United States
0AlexandreMagne14270.52016% Germany
0apf7120.58022% Australia
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