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insta_ctf capture_night | public | 23 players | 2020-04-05T23:26:43.532Z

5Grandma51361.42027% Germany
4Waterpoof62292.14242% Germany
2BigBuffyMan8524420.57223% Australia
2Chrunchstick14320.44020% United States
1AlexandreMagne17350.49218% Germany
0CAT_DACHIBAY39371.05041% United Kingdom
0Metalliko5110.45022% Russian Federation
0RAZZ4300.1318% Germany
0Snape04000% Russian Federation

2phoenixwright41341.21037% Germany
1(GoT)vis*RS*hpp86332.61155% Serbia
1Asylum2947.25043% France
1kiku24250.96131% Germany
1apf5130.38126% Australia
0Jetgeniz25340.74030% Germany
0miguel19171.12125% Sweden
0Black_Les_Rata11360.31116% France
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