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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 31 players | 2020-04-05T22:55:11.348Z

2CouchTomato44222341% Australia
2conebone24280.86130% Germany
2damnnoob10340.29015% Portugal
1ZISSOU26251.04030% Russian Federation
1BRA-asdf651.2035% Russian Federation
0a_theory24260.92028% Australia
0GAV219330.58125% Russian Federation
0RCDE_DACHIBAY13111.18241% United Kingdom
0AlexandreMagne1091.11024% Germany
0vastrdoz732.33053% Australia
0KRL590.56023% Russian Federation
0Eudald03000% Germany

1Grandma39351.11129% Germany
1splat26290.9024% United States
1dikan24191.26036% Turkey
1Behemoth13240.54118% France
0phoenixwright36271.33234% Germany
0Waterpoof2072.86137% Germany
0Gambit18290.62025% Australia
0CeMo17200.85125% Turkey
0Black_Les_Rata14290.48123% France
0Bossanova5260.19029% Italy
0kiku470.57317% Germany
0101010040014% Germany
0Jetgeniz050112% Germany
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