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insta_ctf valhalla | public | 30 players | 2020-04-05T12:43:25.236Z

3Sveark=MyS=52114.73046% Russian Federation
1|RB|__FRY__73174.29145% Russian Federation
1{camper}dkfl-511872.57040% Russian Federation
1Waterpoof18121.5036% Germany
1Grrrr!!16200.8128% France
0Shtom5180.28011% United States
0(&)Cannelloni140.25118% Germany
011230.0414% Russian Federation
0Ag!01000% Germany
0Gamax-11-110% Germany

0Scary28181.56032% Russian Federation
0_fly14131.08026% Germany
0brasello13240.54128% Italy
0Fileas11300.37124% Ukraine
0[tBMC]Rsn824057% Germany
0XD~8120.67027% Germany
0RocketSauce6180.33050% Australia
0Mr_FuckyouUp441026% Italy
0Django2140.1405% Germany
0krown120.5011% Germany
0maxim06000% Australia
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