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insta_ctf nitro | public | 16 players | 2020-04-05T04:17:21.772Z

3[BOOF]BOOPHRONA17151.13023% Australia
1{camper}dkfl-5115151023% Russian Federation
1EpcosBillstein6130.46023% Australia
0sjfjklsmkfmsù61183.39050% France
0[tBMC]phobo19131.46030% Australia
0'effreyjepstein13150.87028% Australia
0P422022% United States

1MaxedOut23211.1026% Australia
1BigBuffyBoy859200.45020% Australia
1ADudeYo4140.29014% Australia
0Winston12270.44018% United Kingdom
0ForkStabbed10270.37117% Australia
0Motoko00000% Australia
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