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insta_ctf reissen | public | 20 players | 2020-03-29T11:23:34.513Z

2Fusselfrei26360.72034% Germany
2Eat_PizzaCoco1912290.41021% France
2Linux_Gamer9240.38030% Russian Federation
1marsgod34281.21226% Sweden
1TobiAs331020% Germany
0Scary24290.83126% Russian Federation
0conebone24340.71030% Germany
0bumhed5210.24020% United States

1#StayAtHome21260.81026% Germany
1CaravanOfLove20220.91028% Germany
0Halandir46232045% Italy
0fcw34231.48236% Italy
0Mac-Rond18300.6024% France
0gersomm1091.11024% France
0splat221028% United States
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