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insta_ctf fc5 | public | 16 players | 2020-03-29T00:20:59.936Z

2oo|nemex35181.94030% Germany
2El38|Spectrum31142.21038% Russian Federation
1RedTurtleX17260.65123% Australia
1mane11160.69012% United States
0Null12220.55021% Australia
0MaxedOut991024% Australia
0[tBMC]Halbgar00000% Germany

1Ladycat732181.78036% Slovenia
1apf7230.3016% Australia
0Zoch20230.87030% Switzerland
0IndyRef217131.31023% Italy
0fcw1371.86040% Italy
0Briareos1071.43022% Mexico
0Phantomas5180.28023% Mexico
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