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insta_ctf forge | public | 21 players | 2020-03-22T13:27:09.243Z

3Le_Dougre21240.88028% France
2gulaschboy73126.08048% Germany
1justapingthing15141.07024% Australia
1Nobure7110.64017% United States
0Back2WiredISP29171.71125% Russian Federation
0Squaraus1061.67033% Switzerland
0maxsuper130.3308% Russian Federation

1Ken0bi4240.17018% France
0razvan57212.71140% Romania
0Cuddle|BradPitt23330.7022% Germany
0marsgod14170.82028% Sweden
0MuhKuh13370.35026% Germany
0Starzec680.75023% Russian Federation
0BenSharpiro2310.0605% Greece
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