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insta_ctf asgard | public | 17 players | 2020-03-22T12:51:21.479Z

4MuhKuh8140.57022% Germany
2Back2WiredISP2263.67032% Russian Federation
1Mero|tee|9160.56016% Germany
1Le_Dougre431.33036% France
0gulaschboy86712.29059% Germany
0razvan13113081% Romania

1Winston6320.19013% United Kingdom
0schnitzel11230.48040% Germany
0łowca_nagród9240.38021% Russian Federation
0Spatz18110.73033% Germany
0nikPL3240.13057% Germany
0(GoT)vis*RS*hpp240.5160% Serbia
0BenSharpiro290.22028% Greece
0kin022000% Australia
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