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insta_ctf face-capture | public | 23 players | 2015-12-08T19:54:02.000Z

2vety23340.68027% Slovakia
1blumentopf46271.7141% Switzerland
0SHIELD45172.65040% Hungary
0Good=Luck19121.58022% Germany
0fire_nice18270.67227% Bulgaria
0bigdaddy11370.3120% United States
0WhiteHawk8320.25321% United States
0Pac-Attack3110.27016% United States
0MomlookIcanjump280.25011% United States
0Vloeiboy01000% Netherlands

2torpedo_los43261.65138% Poland
1slymodi40301.33126% Greece
0dkfl-05135172.06025% Russian Federation
0American10Ultra22320.69019% United States
0AriKani21131.62036% Germany
0Nerdy11170.65023% Finland
0Sniper981.13129% Romania
0your_mother221016% Austria
0lee-wales-uk101014% United Kingdom
0Faust120.5020% Norway
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