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effic.me 3 | Germany

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insta_ctf shipwreck | public | 17 players | 2015-12-07T01:49:03.000Z

2fender26211.24221% Italy
2JustMe13140.93020% United States
1nanar8140.57015% France
1spawn4160.25012% Germany
0slymodi1452.8041% Greece
0unnamed321.5075% Slovenia
0fire_nice250.4125% Bulgaria
0Doc00000% United States

3none17200.85026% United States
0[RUS]ABOC–¨34122.83130% Russian Federation
0Athan11220.5119% Peru
0Snowflake:)790.78012% United States
0Wolfman680.75219% United Kingdom
0Skipper470.57036% Austria
0GamerPro480.5011% United States
0unnamed01000% Netherlands
yall United States
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