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insta_ctf core_refuge | public | 15 players | 2019-01-03T15:55:01.833Z

4KillJoss|Y|10180.56023% Spain
2lee-wales-uk12150.8034% United Kingdom
1HankHill21161.31016% France
1AlessioLombardi651.2030% Germany
0Bot#2416170.94036% Russian Federation
0Wolfman170.14014% United Kingdom

2|*|Xienfuegos22171.29031% Argentina
2Anellini9130.69036% United States
1ZikaHunter29181.61039% Canada
1Pulse22230.96027% Germany
1RINCBOYYYY02028% North Macedonia, Republic of
0[RUSS]John-11717121.42034% Russian Federation
0echtjetzt120.5050% Germany
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