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insta_ctf eternal_valley | 21 players | 2015-08-01T06:03:11.000Z

3SeisPesetas12130.92026% Canada
2Shader50411140.79133% Chile
269MHz890.8928% United States
1poopmachine21151.4140% Canada
1DrSleez13111.18131% Germany
1juan_bell2140.14012% Austria
0Qbert2292.44138% Brazil
0TheGirl13101.3022% Mexico
0[tBMC]swatllama861.33128% United States
0chemicalBrother2130.1508% Austria

0#NIP#45104.5086% Bulgaria
0TheGuy11150.73128% Chile
0cmd_ed10120.83018% Germany
0Mongo4209130.69020% Germany
0thenigga7150.47021% Chile
0yucca7170.41019% Peru
0crisnomnom4130.31016% Canada
0grumbs3170.18116% Germany
0lawl230.67022% Germany
0miseria00000% Argentina
|AoG|Asuna Unknown
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