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!s #1 | Netherlands

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effic_ctf reissen | public | 15 players | 2018-05-04T19:21:08.004Z

4|RB|Honzik134261.31125% Czech Republic
1|RB|Abaddon30251.2124% Poland
1unnamed14250.56117% United States
1Karma*7110.64019% Spain
0Brrr-Humbuggy!!21141.5019% United States
0NabijemVas4280.14311% Croatia
0AON.xAntihero120.5016% Germany

1xS'Tay|Z27330.82028% Austria
1A!M22260.85019% Norway
1iRock9250.36015% India
0[tBMC]halbgar36321.13029% Austria
0Ist_schon_tot7280.25113% Germany
0gregbr12100.2012% France
0(&)Mafaldine-219-0.1126% Netherlands
Deadshot United Kingdom
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