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insta_ctf bt_falls | public | 20 players | 2015-09-29T13:57:36.000Z

2Mentos46172.71033% Mexico
1unnamed7428211.33124% Russian Federation
0JamesBond34172134% Italy
0Loial17121.42029% United States
0SonĨa522.5050% Slovakia
0blah340.75042% Serbia
0nikdto_tu_neni00000% Slovakia

1Karbon12200.6116% Romania
1-NC-Panda441016% Spain
0Accel25191.32034% Germany
0Gambit8270.3015% United States
0Roro-The-King7120.58117% France
0Tomino21208% Slovakia
0hazard1001000% Slovakia
0boso03000% Slovakia
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