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insta_ctf europium | public | 22 players | 2015-09-29T13:36:46.000Z

3|AoG|cubelibre21111.91053% Italy
1Juno20181.11052% United Kingdom
0RickSanchez28211.33043% France
0un23141.64029% Finland
0Plz_be_gentle20220.91040% Netherlands
0caspar13101.3129% Germany
0dan11220.5124% Germany
0Lobin340.75014% Switzerland
0Karbon00000% Romania
0Mentos02000% Mexico

1Syem5100.5017% Switzerland
0daverck25191.32032% Belgium
013cm22250.88031% Japan
0JamesBond20230.87139% Italy
0unnamed7419121.58027% Russian Federation
0Accel1291.33039% Germany
0RedAlert-JP100%8130.62013% Poland
0Christina_T340.75020% Germany
0Gambit350.6018% United States
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