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insta_ctf eternal_valley | public | 22 players | 2015-09-29T04:44:45.000Z

3#SWAGGALICIOUS1243018% Belgium
2jayfresh1472127% Switzerland
2Shikijo13101.3121% Canada
1nikola961.5026% Serbia
1[tBMC]pbo541.2507% United States
1Pikachu270.29016% Algeria
0miseria21210.5044% Argentina
0TreCool661015% United States
0(o)(o)690.67027% Canada

0murdog16141.14136% United States
0error10180.56023% United States
0pengpeng7120.58015% Germany
0noobkiller5100.5033% United States
0theHolyGHOST230.67033% Australia
0|AR|Sh1n0b100000% United States
0.cS|Had!$00000% Germany
0Mentos00000% Mexico
0Josh[R]08000% Australia
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