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insta_ctf forge | public | 22 players | 2015-09-24T14:46:56.000Z

2-NC-angst35251.4026% Austria
1GustavoLapasta33261.27025% Italy
1|AoG|cubelibre29271.07125% Italy
1Christina_T20121.67025% Germany
1Mentos20260.77018% Mexico
0vaQ'edgar1553039% Germany
0Travelmate221021% Australia
0moses160.1707% Switzerland
0Archytas02000% Greece

2Shag22240.92020% Singapore
2nef13280.46017% France
1=(0..0)=16210.76019% Russian Federation
0RWE-Lover40241.67032% Germany
0lee-wales-uk28310.9131% United Kingdom
0Kappachino871.14040% Netherlands
0JeVaisTeTuer00000% Belgium
0PegaMenis01000% Netherlands
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