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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 21 players | 2017-05-05T16:05:05.416Z

3foxreat(newb)22240.92020% Bulgaria
2JamesBond42143133% Italy
2Palladyne17190.89125% United States
1jbl41113.73245% Romania
1JustMe16161117% United States
0fak9180.5112% Belarus
0Flaz_Reaction890.89036% United States
0-<Z>-6130.46125% Italy
0THE_LEGION5220.2309% Bulgaria
0prout260.33125% Belgium
0ImaJew170.1406% United States

3Crowd>Benzopila21141.5122% Russian Federation
1Guess_who11180.61121% France
0QWERTY|SPAIN41311.32139% Spain
0Serthur15280.54028% Italy
0{camper}dkfl-5114310.45023% Russian Federation
0makh11190.58014% Uganda
0pants?7110.64136% United States
0schmidli123632027% Switzerland
0nigorasu551035% United States
0[RUS]ЧУБAPOBФHC140.25050% Russian Federation
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