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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 26 players | 2017-04-11T20:41:22.259Z

5F!!!1992.11019% Turkey
3|Can'tTouchThis32142.29036% France
2jayfresh23102.3139% Switzerland
2QWERTY|SPAIN17141.21031% Spain
2Chief_Nick8110.73018% United States
2jf3110.27116% France
1Sh0oT~t0~DeF18111.64130% Germany
1SittingDuck490.44111% Germany
0[~]DashR24112.18044% Italy
0ww|brazuka17117036% Brazil
0(&)Barbina1791.89034% Slovenia
0Blossom422111% United Kingdom
0drBoutique370.43025% Slovenia

0mX|shuzo21230.91036% Belgium
0quizzz15121.25022% Poland
0AR|Sh1n0b114180.78032% United States
0(&)Radiatori13180.72024% Lebanon
0ClintEastweed11200.55026% Chile
0Dr.V3g4n8110.73015% Germany
0hwy780.88137% Poland
0peugeot2066100.6023% Croatia
0m33B5180.28011% Canada
0TedMosby!5190.26011% United States
0XXXAl4170.24020% Israel
0Whataname21150.2012% Germany
0Maserati1120.0816% Germany
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