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insta_ctf flagstone | public | 26 players | 2017-04-11T20:27:45.303Z

2QWERTY|SPAIN37251.48032% Spain
1[RUSS]TrianG40182.22128% Latvia
1F!!!36191.89124% Turkey
1mX|shuzo23121.92026% Belgium
1Dolores19270.7021% France
0karausche33201.65131% Germany
0Дeд27151.8031% Russian Federation
0Sh0oT~t0~DeF22240.92017% Germany
0Blossom981.13114% United Kingdom
0Dr.V3g4n9170.53012% Germany
0(&)Barbina732.33043% Slovenia
0Whataname215310.16213% Germany
0XXXAl3150.2015% Israel

1jayfresh23300.77024% Switzerland
1pb3310.109% Germany
0|Can'tTouchThis70223.18033% France
0Mr|Sarcasm31261.19040% Germany
0quizzz29181.61021% Poland
0peugeot20616250.64013% Croatia
0Faust15230.65016% Norway
0(&)Radiatori15260.58021% Lebanon
0putin14190.74122% Poland
0nanar11190.58017% France
0Nikiforos5220.23013% Greece
0Schweinereiter130.33214% Germany
0Chief_Nick1120.0804% United States
Amethyst Iceland
2Ez4u Germany
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