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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 27 players | 2017-01-08T12:59:40.240Z

4murdog15111.36111% United States
3ElMuerto21230.91126% Germany
1Scary30221.36324% Russian Federation
1QWERTY|SPAIN23280.82118% Spain
1didisan22270.81130% Germany
1-NC-Andreas431.33020% Greece
0Assasin20250.8123% Germany
0Brainstorm17151.13125% Germany
0Rustichella16200.8029% Italy
0Defrance14101.4130% Germany
0+><X6120.5010% Germany
0Joy6220.27116% Turkey

2BastardOperator5200.2509% Germany
1Comrade23260.88032% Russian Federation
0METALLICA45222.05035% Germany
0M.X25231.09031% France
0kaori19131.46138% Japan
0mikey-cookies18141.29037% United Kingdom
0Marp18250.72316% Germany
0C4ST3X1362.17050% Turkey
013_undead_sheep942.25022% Germany
0Mentos8250.32212% Hungary
0pgfidten370.43119% Germany
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