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insta_ctf wdcd | public | 25 players | 2017-01-06T14:32:53.090Z

5li'lfluf12330.36011% Latvia
4PlayerOne18330.55125% Argentina
4Katsudon17320.53016% Bulgaria
2tytus11120.92111% Germany
1(R.H.S.)Noobi..47143.36342% Romania
1murdog40261.54027% United States
1**MeisterEder**1191.22022% Germany
0maryjane146197.68057% Netherlands
0Comrade23310.74031% Russian Federation
0Clémentine9200.45116% France
0EvilDeaD975200.25016% France

0[RUSS]julia54153.6134% Russian Federation
0arnzness44321.38036% Germany
0Idon|redcat42381.11033% France
0Springbok25410.61126% South Africa
0[BR]CR721280.75019% Brazil
0Guess_who18410.44029% France
0Perussola15420.36117% Italy
0Drahtpantoffel7420.17021% Germany
0Бэйлиc4190.21111% Moldova, Republic of
0(&)Rotini1270.0402% Romania
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