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insta_ctf haste | public | 24 players | 2017-01-06T14:22:26.069Z

4dBlink47321.47140% Germany
1li'lfluf34311.1126% Latvia
1fromdusttoulla27280.96121% Germany
1Idon|redcat23260.88025% France
1Katsudon19320.59020% Bulgaria
1Mu9250.36016% United Kingdom
0Az_TeKk28290.97131% France
0arnzness23231230% Germany
0Guess_who8150.53022% France
0Korosuki01000% United States
0[BR]CR702000% Brazil

1maryjane93263.58350% Netherlands
1[RUSS]julia41261.58033% Russian Federation
1tytus23300.77122% Germany
1Springbok20310.65119% South Africa
1PlayerOne19340.56119% Argentina
1DiniMuetter18310.58017% Switzerland
1EvilDeaD976190.32015% France
0Comrade22260.85128% Russian Federation
0Clémentine9150.6029% France
0Бэйлиc212022% Moldova, Republic of
0murdog00000% United States
mikey United Kingdom
unteamed France
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