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insta_ctf face-capture | public | 21 players | 2017-01-06T14:01:32.548Z

4bellehelene2546.25057% Netherlands
4FredTheRed170.14016% United Kingdom
3Guess_who340.75219% France
2Mu350.6027% United Kingdom
2tytus370.43011% Germany
2DiniMuetter380.38017% Switzerland
0Comrade661027% Russian Federation
0NiedHD340.75027% Germany

2Idon|redcat1682044% France
0Wadle17723.5050% United States
0Katsudon580.63117% Bulgaria
0{camper}dkfl-515110.45129% Russian Federation
0evil.lord.vader5120.42119% Poland
0~V~2100.2013% Russian Federation
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