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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 25 players | 2016-12-26T17:44:54.906Z

1pappy33281.18029% United States
1(R.H.S.)Titanic28211.33134% Belgium
1Kibi23260.88219% Bulgaria
1Perussola19230.83224% Italy
1murdog16170.94012% United States
1FredTheRed13350.37020% United Kingdom
0Dinn45231.96136% Germany
0GoldmanXLolly37211.76031% Germany
0MaRiJuAnA26270.96230% France
0Thorongil9260.35116% United States
0Matteo3180.1707% Italy

2didisan29440.66042% Germany
2naifnaif27251.08025% Spain
1[tBMC]tnyELVIS!18220.82021% United States
1SantaPasta10240.4226% Germany
0(R.H.S.)Noobi..54212.57043% Romania
0WrongGuy40221.82037% France
0AR|Sh1n0b125251129% United States
0[RUSS]julia25251020% Russian Federation
0echtjetzt23270.85132% Germany
0blackdevil12230.52323% Austria
0nHarzileinabiii12260.46015% Germany
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