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insta_ctf garden | public | 25 players | 2016-12-16T21:30:03.631Z

1nordik3326330.79223% Russian Federation
1[PL]DON9240.38114% Poland
1nname5340.15213% Poland
1SLAUGHTERER5370.1406% Bulgaria
0SiempreAntifa48331.45232% Germany
0R2D542192.21130% Germany
0[OGRE]foxtreat25400.63025% Bulgaria
0[ITA]Maverik24141.71323% Italy
0POTUS24320.75024% United States
0$uicide$moke22221219% Mexico
0Sr.Matanza1892125% Mexico

2nanar18300.6114% France
1shotgun32291.1228% Canada
1spiff24280.86020% United States
0Fenchelauflauf53281.89040% Netherlands
0vogon49291.69040% Germany
0#Ranger29201.45131% United States
0sa5m23131.77043% Italy
0MaRiJuAnA14280.5317% France
0Meteor12140.86020% Germany
0HGn_1108200.4313% Germany
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