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insta_ctf snapper_rocks | public | 25 players | 2016-12-16T21:19:39.043Z

1Mrbit30231.3123% Italy
1nordik3319320.59118% Russian Federation
1VoiceOfTruth1181.38133% Russian Federation
1[ITA]Maverik321.5060% Italy
0flammingNoobs70174.12052% United Kingdom
0LuckyLag25251128% Germany
0[PL]DON25270.93022% Poland
0GayLuigi17280.61118% United States
0R2D511101.1130% Germany
0shotgun1052033% Canada
0gerbil3210.1404% United States
0[OGRE]foxtreat02000% Bulgaria
0SLAUGHTERER-11-100% Bulgaria

2Fenchelauflauf10320.31014% Netherlands
1SiempreAntifa37261.42130% Germany
1vogon29340.85025% Germany
1spiff28330.85022% United States
0#Ranger37241.54135% United States
0MaRiJuAnA19250.76119% France
0$uicide$moke11140.79120% Mexico
0POTUS1071.43030% United States
0HGn_1105120.42111% Germany
0Mormo74160.2505% United States
0nname190.11016% Poland
sa5m Italy
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