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insta_ctf europium | public | 25 players | 2016-11-13T01:44:41.696Z

5orangey29151.93035% Romania
5Mandela_Effect66105% United States
4Kha0tic22151.47124% United States
3sinMira12210.57010% Uruguay
1Davy_Crocket14141030% United States
0Odos35122.92030% Colombia
0Winston17131.31022% Russian Federation
0Lonely15220.68210% Brazil
0JuanitoBanana851.6112% Mexico
0Mr.UUhhh641.5040% Germany
0samsaramx3160.1918% Mexico
0!s]lil_kodak00000% United States

1Keizi17121.42018% China
0Hold_Still26241.08027% Portugal
0Bertram-Rdiger25221.14123% Germany
0ComradeGarry21171.24023% United States
0TheBoominator14180.78025% United States
0TLG_UNpluggeD12200.6013% Bulgaria
0specimen11200.55017% Moldova, Republic of
0el-TuxoCiclista5140.36012% Peru
0[FOSS]exceler8140.25016% United States
0yourname00000% Spain
0Kalypso012000% Germany
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