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insta_ctf urban_c | public | 26 players | 2016-08-14T18:12:10.919Z

1putin22161.38021% Poland
1pepperus19250.76119% Hungary
0Nix31221.41127% Germany
0Z-Ibrahimovic27310.87038% South Africa
0tecky_bulgar27320.84033% Bulgaria
0unnamed19101.9022% Japan
0*moof*11101.1026% Germany
0unnamed8260.31115% Norway
0Fazo7230.3020% Germany
0RED|Xaracen431.33066% South Africa
0[FR]MImiMT2140.1405% France
0RED|souli120.5020% Germany

1N0ps3232231.39130% Austria
0sauer_noob45222.05128% Poland
0B@dMonkey34191.79130% France
0Tatwaffe32221.45029% Germany
0Zack26141.86223% Germany
0MuhKuh23270.85034% Germany
0Alpha19210.9221% South Africa
0Larasguy12190.63018% Germany
0Marie-Jeanne10240.42115% France
0el-Tuxo2170.1204% Peru
0markizano016000% United States
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