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insta_ctf eternal_valley | public | 27 players | 2016-08-14T18:01:43.046Z

2sauer_noob46261.77031% Poland
1Weltraumschneck27191.42246% Germany
1Nix24300.8027% Germany
1Fazo12200.6018% Germany
1Daniel10010240.42017% Italy
1Splintercell7210.33020% Switzerland
0julia25270.93024% Russian Federation
0ocnig24290.83128% Argentina
0Sputnik20350.57028% Uzbekistan
0Mac_Heupan15121.25035% France
0unnamed12190.63020% Japan
0MuhKuh991026% Germany
0tecky_bulgar313037% Bulgaria

1Zack27201.35218% Germany
1N0ps3220240.83128% Austria
1Larasguy11230.48112% Germany
0epimeteo32291.1024% Italy
0Z-Ibrahimovic30261.15038% South Africa
0Alpha24191.26127% South Africa
0Tatwaffe24280.86328% Germany
0putin22161.38331% Poland
0B@dMonkey19210.9224% France
0unnamed18230.78227% Norway
0Scary1133.67126% Russian Federation
0Marie-Jeanne10200.5016% France
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