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insta_ctf capture_night | public | 25 players | 2016-08-03T19:10:54.207Z

5MuhKuh27261.04127% Germany
4...14380.37117% Argentina
2elBanana20340.59017% Poland
2tecky_bulgar18181327% Bulgaria
1Sputnik17410.41026% Russian Federation
0|DM|WeDontExist95214.52243% Canada
0<pWn>weln67173.94246% United States
0Mrbit30221.36225% Italy
0pepperus29161.81433% Hungary
0ColourblindBaal13230.57211% Germany
0Amadeus030125% Germany

1LisbonMaru45371.22133% Germany
1kimo7380.18112% Germany
1mikey5110.45011% South Africa
0Juno49391.26137% South Africa
0julia23290.79118% Russian Federation
0Sergik@mac23310.74022% Italy
0[Rainbow]failX21340.62029% Germany
0(ESP)Leo18340.53016% Sudan
0negro13410.32116% Bulgaria
0yolo5250.2015% Italy
0va|CharlieShen160.17011% United States
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