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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 17 players | 2016-05-01T11:10:54.895Z

3VoiceOfTruth1762.83034% Russian Federation
3Yoda1291.33032% Austria
2#TJS.bengu1790.78116% Romania
1Xnamed18101.8036% Greece
0spaceman490.44018% Ukraine
0CMB280.25010% France
0Narf101033% Germany

1SinDreamz13111.18028% Italy
1MuhKuh13140.93033% Germany
0murdog18131.38033% United States
0Mac_Heupan8170.47025% France
0Timakrov_Gunn515034% United States
0haromphrey1120.0804% Portugal
0Qifa01000% Bulgaria
0Judekani-17-0.1410% Ukraine
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