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insta_ctf xenon | public | 18 players | 2016-05-01T10:14:38.337Z

1unnamed32112.91033% Poland
1VoiceOfTruth1572.14031% Russian Federation
1Ladysash2110.18014% Australia
06662683.25041% Ukraine
0[GLX]KUKL20131.54023% Mexico
0[tBMC]Stub1042.5062% Russian Federation
0unnamed790.78019% Australia
0unnamed313033% Russian Federation
0#TJS.bengu100000% Romania

0Nix17210.81124% Germany
0Perussola14200.7029% Italy
0Ä1381.63025% Finland
0untintled13210.62030% New Zealand
0churrrrr10140.71020% New Zealand
0terminator8130.62129% Germany
0Qifa00000% Bulgaria
0EBE02000% Poland
Zocker2000 Germany
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