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insta_ctf turbulence | public | 22 players | 2016-04-30T17:07:40.536Z

2OPW30251.2236% France
2Paope19230.83025% Russian Federation
1RED|JokerGirl27191.42030% Germany
1Schmalzbrot22260.85235% Austria
0why40142.86041% Poland
0Neo240.5033% United States
0HISTORYMASTER2200.1023% United States
0Reh02000% Brazil

3oc16310.52128% France
2mobidick21211021% Mexico
1[RUSS]TANK_T90C480.5014% Russian Federation
1Potato_cat3270.11014% United States
0xT90037162.31037% Belarus
0sa5m30241.25050% Italy
0Cat17200.85023% United States
0PFK-NOOB15250.6017% Serbia
0Ktutosarre6120.506% Russian Federation
0didisan350.6030% Germany
0Qifa01000% Bulgaria
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