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insta_ctf turbulence | public | 26 players | 2016-04-30T15:10:47.267Z

2nef33221.5037% France
2Fusselfrei25151.67128% Germany
1WS|Fluffens25171.47016% Portugal
1piedreblait22240.92140% India
1paklet19200.95223% Australia
0|LoF|3va55202.75033% United States
0YXCV27231.17123% Austria
0Beluga17200.85121% Japan
0Gentoo10200.5025% Japan
0F1nal842033% Germany
0costy6911331015% Romania
0Qifa120.5033% Bulgaria

2dny30231.3134% France
0[T.H.C]Rasta40231.74138% Spain
0SHIELD13111.18028% Hungary
0Ä9170.53016% Finland
0Eciap[ITA]8180.44124% Italy
0RedPill7330.21021% Belgium
0camper}dkfl-0516150.4012% Russian Federation
0june6260.23012% Russian Federation
0Perussola560.83050% Italy
0KALIMUSCLE450.8127% Austria
0conebone321.5075% Germany
0Lavinia017046% Brazil
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