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insta_ctf capture_night | public | 24 players | 2016-04-30T14:19:16.683Z

2Untertrack64331.94237% France
2Paope30350.86028% Russian Federation
2RedPill11370.3121% Belgium
1Alpha28300.93123% South Africa
1Neko.27320.84123% Germany
1Turak541.25018% Germany
0TheEarthpig31390.79025% United States
0Aiurz1553145% Switzerland
0PFK-NOOB1291.33038% Serbia
0Nemocic9150.6127% Ukraine
0cicci9340.26114% Italy
0Chicken4260.15120% Singapore
0Qifa04000% Bulgaria

2nef20370.54118% France
1unnamed68242.83235% Poland
1fRESA40321.25140% Germany
1murdog27261.04119% United States
1EmmaGoldman23380.61019% Spain
1yournightmare551028% India
0[GLX]KUKL42261.62325% Mexico
0Taxman14290.48011% Finland
0Kryptel4120.33012% Italy
0Synchestra230.67121% Germany
0|LoF|3va01000% United States
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