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insta_ctf infamy | public | 26 players | 2016-04-29T17:54:59.527Z

1BoogeyGirl29251.16025% Spain
1Tatwaffe24260.92134% Germany
1Tigrex16310.52118% Germany
1sui11210.52119% Canada
0didisan21300.7136% Germany
0Django15121.25034% Germany
0toblerone11190.58016% South Africa
0ElMuerto11250.44219% Germany
0june10250.4019% Russian Federation
0gin9110.82013% Mexico
0xTakeDown170.1404% Germany
0unnamed00000% Mexico

1Camperdog23201.15034% South Africa
1Kryptel21201.05023% Italy
1Steno2.018210.86035% Italy
1BroncoBamma13150.87033% Germany
0Ä50133.85139% Finland
0conebone29181.61029% Germany
0a_theory25151.67026% United States
0ByeDie1772.43145% Russian Federation
0polop313025% Germany
0Alpha120.5050% South Africa
0Qifa02000% Bulgaria
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