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insta_ctf valhalla | public | 28 players | 2016-03-26T13:29:43.451Z

1brucelee41231.78130% Germany
1absolute29231.26129% Italy
1unnamed1791.89040% Germany
1redalertJP100%1140.0707% Poland
1<{{{><03000% Germany
0orange46192.42036% Romania
0wyh39172.29041% Poland
0Bertram-Rdiger23280.82035% Germany
0{NoobInRage}19131.46037% Switzerland
0Reich14180.78122% Poland
0MuhKuh404066% Germany
0xdfgfxsdgfdzgf150.2033% Taiwan
0iambadatthis021000% United States

1putin27271035% Poland
0JazzMan27261.04134% Austria
0ProjectFallout26231.13032% India
0vaQ'Erika1892026% Germany
0Dormouse11130.85026% South Africa
0Tispon11290.38016% Austria
0Gibby_McFragger1081.25058% United States
0caspar8120.67018% Germany
0>>nobrain>>pl790.78014% Poland
0Kryptel7180.39012% Italy
0RED|Fee_Grummel120.5033% Germany
0BILI11140.0706% Japan
0nameless-17-0.1417% Germany
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