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insta_ctf capture_night | public | 23 players | 2016-03-26T13:18:41.662Z

5Dormouse981.13235% South Africa
3orange46162.88151% Romania
3brucelee30201.5134% Germany
3vaQ'Erika22191.16124% Germany
2firend12150.8026% Sudan
1JazzMan23191.21138% Austria
1caspar632028% Germany
0unnamed20111.82095% Netherlands
0yoel3220.1406% United States
0BILI100000% Japan

4unnamed21220.95026% Germany
1Bertram-Rdiger28231.22040% Germany
1JOKER00823221.05035% Canada
1absolute17210.81126% Italy
1ProjectFallout11260.42018% India
0RoroThebitch13210.62126% France
0h@ve551031% Denmark
0{NoobInRage}3100.3013% Switzerland
0Costi_Romania3200.15110% Romania
0Master01000% Germany
0Tispon030116% Austria
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